Friday, May 17, 2013

Filmmaker Nick Peterson

Nick Peterson (Director/Writer/Producer) graduated from the prestigious Experimental Animation program at The California Institute of the Arts (Calarts).

Straight out of school Nick’s film “MuM” was accepted into the 2000 Sundance film festival and received numerous awards including a student Emmy. At that same time, he began working in the visual effects industry as a producer on high end national commercials, feature films such as CHARLIE’S ANGELS 2, and THE RING, and the TV shows “CSI:Miami”, and “HOUSE | MD”. In 2006 Nick wrote and directed the feature film DARK MIND, starring Christopher Masterson (“Malcolm in the Middle”), Lyndsy Fonseca (KICK ASS, “NIKITA”) and David Deluise. The film won several awards and secured domestic distribution and multiple foreign sales.

Nick has directed commercials for many clients including, CVS, Ford and Chrysler. And his latest music video has reached over 7 Million views on youtube in just a few months of release. Nick also recently finished the multiple-award winning short film “DRAINED” he directed and produced along with Jon Heder (NAPOLEON DYNAMITE, BLADES OF GLORY)

Nick currently lives in Los Angeles CA

What is the current project your working on?

I'm currently raising the funding we need to produce the short film and video game for "The Visitant" Starring Amy Smart, and Doug Jones as the Demon.

268x268How do you think making your previous films will help you make "The Visitant"?

Every time you make something --  anything -- in film you're a little bit smarter.  I'm hoping that I've got enough smarts in me by now to make this thing really awesome.

How did Jon Heder, Doug Jones, Steve Wang. and Amy Smart become
involved with the film?

It was all kinda just putting people together that we know. Jon Heder and I have been friends for a few years now, and He knows Doug Jones, and I know Steve Wang, and Steve and Doug know each other. So once we put our heads together it all kinda made sense.  Amy got involved because we just love her work. Jon and I reached out to her and she said yes!

Why did you choose Kickstarter to fund your film?

Unlike  feature films, shorts don't make any money, and that doesn't give you many if any options of places to go to make short films. But with Kickstarter we can offer rewards to people that you can't get anywhere else and make something really great.

What was it like to be interviewed by "Ain't It Cool News"?

It's kinda like being on the cover of Rolling Stone, but for geeks.

What are the elements of a good horror film?

Feeling dread for your characters. If you don't feel for the characters and want them to live, you won't be scared.

How has technology changed the independent film industry?

It's allowed a bunch of really great things to happen. But it's still hard to make a good film, and talent will always rise to the top.

Which do your prefer making short or feature films?

I like features more cause I dig the marathon and being busy for long stretches at a time.  Shorts are like music videos, they're fun cause you can have a lot more freedom to make what you want and they're over fast so you can afford to do them for no money.

Is there anything you'd like to add?

I'm just grateful people let me make this stuff and I hope I can continue to do it for a long, long time


Thanks for doing the interview Nick. I saw "Drained".  It was different & the images really stuck with me. I hope to see "The Visitant" at a festival near me and play the game.