Monday, May 6, 2013

The Creators Of Indie Fantasy Film "Harmion"



Please explain exactly what your film "Harmion" is about.

ADAM: Harmion is set in a fictional mythical world about a father who goes on a journey to find a cure for his dying son. He's an ex-soldier who is suffering from not just physical scars, but emotional ones as well. As a result he struggles to fit back in to his family life at the farm. The journey is an excuse for him to leave but also a proving ground for him to
come to terms with his demons.

  What is your opinion on crowdfunding?

ADAM: Crowdfunding has been a revelation for us. It connects the creatives directly with the audience, which allows the quality control to be upfront. The buzz about crowdfunding is very exciting and it's just one of the those new things to come out of social media but I think we are in for some big surprises with crowdfunding in the coming years.

  What makes a crowdfunding campaign successful?

RICH: There's no formula, I guess ultimately people have to believe in what you're doing and believe that YOU believe in it! Ultimately if you're passionate and working hard to get something off the ground people will respond to that. If you take a lazy approach without really thinking about what you're doing or why you think you need money straight from your fans or audience then perhaps it's not going to happen. It's good to communicate with your backers and actually you will find inspiration through them by learning about their own stories and creativity.

Are you fans of the TV show "Doctor Who"?

RICH: Well, I worked on it some years back so maybe it's not good for me to say? I will tell you that Blink is the best episode I have seen to date and Carey Mulligan is a large percentage of the reason why. It was a buzz being on set with her and thinking to myself she's definitely destined for bigger things. Next thing you know she's in Hollywood. I'll leave it at that!

How is your film different from other films in the fantasy genre?

ADAM: I guess the difference comes from the characters, which are obviously unique in this story. Everything we are trying to do is driven by our lead character, Tritan and so the realism and the fantasy of the film are inspired by that characters journey. Some of the best fantasy stories I know are the simple stories and not the imminent world ending ones. It's all down to taste ultimately but we're concentrating on a select group of characters in this much larger world but as a result the story is identifiable, we hope!

Why did you decide to shoot the film in Wales?

RICH: We met in Wales when working on the original short about 8 years ago and the Brecon Beacons were just up the road. One look around there and I was sold! It was actually Chris Wright, our fight choreographer for the promo who showed me around to begin with. I met Chris in a medical testing trial when I was raising money to shoot the short film. I then jumped off a rock in the mountains to show Chris how the action was going to play out for one particular scene and busted my ankle. It was a long walk back to the car! Bit of a tangent, but Wales is beautiful and I love the language, history, and the folk tales of the Mabinogion. It all just came together there really. I grew up in Brighton so not really much chance to make a medieval period film in my youth. (you'd struggle to even shoot the 70's there now!)

  How did making your previous film "In This Room" prepare you to make  "Harmion"?

RICH: 'In This Room' started out as an experiment. I'd made about 50 short films by this point but not really Directed a long form project for a while and so it just fell together. I never expected to win any awards for it or anything but I guess for a micro budget film it turned out pretty well as we swept up an award in Greece last year! The great thing was just concentrating on the performance and the story so that probably gave me a kick up the ass as far as Harmion is concerned. I work a fair bit as a Cinematographer, which I love and will continue to do but I have a few stories that are bursting to get out of me and Harmion is one of those.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

ADAM: Being successfully funded for our development on kickstarter with 8 days of our campaign left to go is an amazing feeling and we've had some great support for this film so that really inspires me with confidence to continue pushing to get it made.

This is the link to kickstarter:


Thanks guys for doing the interview. I hope I'll get the chance to see the completed film. Also, seeing the sights in Wales is on my bucket list. "Blink" is one of my all time favorite "Doctor Who" episodes.